Jr NTR’s New Look Creates Rumors On Sukumar’s Film Story


Young Tiger Jr NTR’s who is enjoying the success of his latest film Temper is gearing up for his next. He is getting ready for his next film, titled ‘Nannaku Prematho’ under the direction of Sukumar.

NTR and Sukumar film major part shoot was in London. That means, Sukumar was presenting Tarak totally related to the London Nativity where as his costumes were going to be Trendy with his new look. Definitely, most of them would follow Ntr’s look and costumes either after the first look or release of the film

Here is the latest picture of Jr NTR which indicate that he is preparing himself for his next film with a new hair style and a different styled beard.

NTR's new look for sukumar

In the past, Sukku tried something different in Mahesh Babu with ‘1 Nenokkadine.’ Despite critics wiped the film as a disaster, there was a section of class movie lovers enjoyed the fare thoroughly. Now when we see the above look of Junior NTR for the film, we are prone to throw for many doubts. The well grown beard and stapled hair gave a new look for Tarak.

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Whenever NTR changes his style for his movies, he gets a success. Earlier, NTR straightened his hair and sported a clean-shaved look in Baadshah film, he received a hit. Again, in Temper he focused on his outfits, this movie was also a hit. Hope even this new look gets him a success