‘Jayalalithaa Is My Mother, I’m Ready For DNA Test’, Says Amrutha, Demands Investigation On Mother’s Death

Charan Palak

It has been more than six months of beloved Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. Right from the day her death was announced, the whole state was in chaos, the state politics turned into turmoil.

There are a plethora of theories concreting that Amma’s death was not simple and it was a murder planned by the politicians. The controversies and conspiracies were then on the high swing as Palaniswami has sworn in as Chief Minister followed by the surprising entry of Sasikala replacing him.

jayalalithaa real daughter

Well, things didn’t end here, soon after this, Sasikala was redirected to jail for various reasons. Once again the state is in dilemma, however, now that everything is balanced at the moment, a new problem has surfaced the Internet and mainstream news. A lady named Amrutha has come forward claiming that she is the daughter of demise Jayalalithaa. To everyone’s surprise, she said that she is even ready for the DNA test.

Well, when asked about her father, she went saying that the demise Tollywood actor Shobhan Babu was the father. She added that Jayalalithaa wanted to hide her existence, so in order to fulfill the same, she was given dropped at Amma’s friends Shailaja- Sarathi (couple).

And in order to put Amrutha’s birth a secret, Jaya even took a promise from the couple. She explained that as per the then existing social issues, Jayalalithaa denied disclosing her daughter details.

jayalalithaa daughter amruthaa

When asked about her meeting with mother Jayalalithaa, she concluded that Shailaja allowed her to meet mother-Jayalalithaa in 1996, so did as told, added that Jayalalithaa gave a warm hug to her and they both had a good talk. But, in none of their talks, Jaya addressed her ‘daughter’ nor talked any bit about the way she was born.

Amrutha said that soon after her Mom’s demise, it was her relative Jayalakshmi (lives in America) who called her regarding Deepa and Deepak’s (Jaya’s relatives) arrival to claim the property of Jayalalithaa, and in order to claim her birthright, she has opened up about the secret behind her birth.

On the top of everything, Amrutha even wrote individual letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind. One of Jaya’s relative who resides in Bangalore also added that Amrutha is the daughter of Jayalalithaa.

Though the DNA test has not been conducted yet, with her confidence in the issue, there are chances to believe that Amrutha is the daughter born out of love between Jayalalithaa and Shoban Babu.

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