Japanese Ambassador’s Car Towed Away By UP Police During His Meeting With CM Yogi Adityanath, What Happened Next Is Damn Hilarious!

AP2TG Staff

After rising to power in Uttar Pradesh, BJP elected Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of the state has taken some quick decisions and ensured that the decisions are implemented on the ground level as well.

It has been barely a month and Yogi has already embedded many new schemes that are transparently helping in uplifting the lifestyle of people.

Recently, again on a note for the people, Yogi Adityanath met Kenji Hiramatsu, the Japanese ambassador to India for discussing the growth and development of the state.

As known for his good ruling ideas, he emphasized that the relationship between India and Japan is strong, and this can be a plus point for the development of Uttar Pradesh. But amidst all this serious discussions aside, the Japanese ambassador Hiramatsu experienced an embarrassing moment during this meet. Yes, you heard it right!

Nothing to worry, it’s all for a funny reason and all thanks to the traffic cops there. Feeling confused? Then read the full story here, it’s damn hilarious!

When it comes to wrong parking, UP traffic police are not ready to spare their wrath and this is what happened with the Japanese delegate too. It seems traffic cops have become too strict these days, which is why they towed away Keni Hiramatsu’s car that was parked in the no parking zone. This happened when he was in a meeting with Yogi Adityanath inside Vidhan Bhawan.

It was a white SUV and since it was wrongly parked at Vidhan Bhawan’s gate no.2, the cops towed it away without realizing whose car it is.

They took the car to Hazrat ganj Kasmanda House for issuing challan; after a while, when the officials realized that the car belongs to the Japanese ambassador, they were embarrassed and released it in no time.

But things were sorted out because an UP official offered him his own car for going back.

It is good to see that the officials are getting strict under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath; in fact, they are doing their duties really well.

What do you say about this funny incident? Have you come across such incidents before? If yes, we would love to hear them from you!