Is Media Confused with Pawan Kalyan Talk?


Power Star Politician, Pawan Kalyan addressed media after a long time on Monday, i.e., 6th June 2015. However, the media did not understand what he wants to convey. In the Press Meet, he raised all the current issues including cash for vote and Phone tapping and section 8. He said that cash for vote is in the court and it is the responsibility of the court to check what is right and what is wrong. Also phone tapping is a serious issue and there should be a CBI investigation on this. However, the media did not understand what he wants convey.

Is Media Confused with Pawan kalyan Talk
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Firstly, he praised the Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao for appointing Anand Sai as Andhra Architect for the most prestigious Telangana’s Yadgirigutta project. Also he praised KCR for bringing unity among Telangana and Andhra people. But on the other hand he criticized KCR and Harish Rao for describing TDP as Andhra Parties (Andhrollu). He said that TDP is not the representative of Andhra people. In Andhra Pradesh, there are many parties not only TDP and it is only just kamma party but there are many religions like SC, ST, BC and minorities.
Pawan Kalyan said that, there is no requirement of section 8 in Hyderabad as it is the capital of Telangana. Again, he attacked KCR for insulting Andhra people and said that if the same situation repeats, there will be a war in the state and there will be a need of section 8.

“When KCR makes insulting comments against them, not a single Seemandhra MP speaks out. The problem is not with KCR, but with our MP’s,” Pawan said in the Press Meet.

Here You Can Watch the Complete Video of Pawan Kalyan Speech:

The speech given by Pawan Kalyan in the Press Meet was very confusing in which he neither supported nor opposed the political parties (TDP, TRS). He is not clear on what he is speaking thereby media got confused.