Internet Raised Over Rs. 25 Lakh In A Day To Help Cancer Patient, Check Out What He Posted On Facebook

AP2TG Staff

After all the nonsense we might have noticed on the social media platforms, here’s something that will make your day. This simple act of humanity will restore your faith in goodness. Thanks to the Internet, it all started with a Facebook post on popular “Humans of Bombay” page.

Recently on November 15, the Humans of Bombay Facebook page, which is popular for addressing the stories of Mumbai, now, profiled a cancer patient from Gujarat who had moved to Mumbai to attend college. Soon, Rushi discovered he had an incredibly rare form of cancer and would require a bone marrow transplant and multiple rounds of costly chemotherapy.

Disappointed after learning that his treatment had been stopped due to lack of funds, netizens banded together and raised over 25 lakh rupees in just 15 hours. In the viral Facebook post on the page, Rushi described poignantly how his father, with a salary of just Rs. 15,000, managed to save almost Rs. 13 lakh for his college fees. Rushi wrote he always dreamed of earning after his MBA and his parents never once let the worry of finances prevent him from pursuing his dreams.

Everything was going well until a diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) briefly derailed Rushi’s plans. After eight cycles of chemotherapy – each costing Rs. 2.5 lakh – Rushi’s treatment was stopped due to lack of funds.

In the post, he said, “Seeing my father worried is more difficult than braving these chemotherapy cycles,” he wrote. “It’s even worse that I can’t do my MBA and give my parents the life they deserve… I’m trying to show him the brighter side – I tell him that it’s good that I’ve received another year to prepare for the entrance exam so I’ll try to get into the IIMs, but it’s tough.”

These words touched the hearts of many on the Internet, who donated generously towards Rushi’s treatment. Many came forward pouring in money for Rushi, someone commented, “Did my bit. I do hope one day we’ll get to read your story on the same page about how things eventually happened as you’ve planned in your mind about taking care of your parents and everything.”

And, the very next day, the admins of Humans of Bombay shared that netizens had managed to raise more than the required 25 lakh in less than 15 hours: “THANK YOU, beautiful humans, for relentlessly reinforcing our faith in all the good in the world!”

Isn’t this quite good to hear? Thanks to the facebook page, and to the generous humans out there.

NOTE: Those who are interested in assisting Rushi, can contribute here: HELP RUSHI