Interesting..!! Favorite Fruit Reveals Your Character


Now a days, surveys are being conducted by different universities from which we can know the behavior or the character of the person just by their favorite fruit. Recently, we have seen the survey which is based on blood groups and now from fruits. Imagine that even what kind of fruit you choose can indicate some characters you have. Now, you can check the behavior by your favorite fruit.( Conditions apply 😛 ).


The people who like this fruit have strong will power and manliness. However, the energy of these people interchanges from time to time. Also they save money and did not show much care on beauty.


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Loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic by nature. You often lack in self-confidence and are quite timid by nature. People often take advantage of your sweet tempered, and sheer vulnerability to a situation.


These people are are gentle and kind. They believe that they should not be burden for others. Also these people believe in god, Shows more interest on cars and will not do much hard work but show their smartness according to the situation. You have enduring patience and willpower.


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You like to do things slowly; but very thoroughly and are completely undaunted by hard work. You tend to be shy; but are a reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and thought; you love with all your heart, and are not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs.


These will give much importance to health and are more miser, Follows old traditions and maintain a minimum money in pockets.



The people who like this fruit have helping nature, and spends their salary for buying cosmetics. These will not care about small issues and are very Lazy fellows.


You are extravagant, impulsive and outspoken, often with a bit of a temper. While you may not be the best organizer, you make a good team leader; and are good at taking things forward. You can take quick action in most situations. You enjoy travel immensely.


These are chosen by people who are not inclined to directness and also in others respect reservedness and ability to keep secrets.


Also these are active and attend all the functions or parties. Leadership qualities are more and shows more interest in movies.

Pine Apple

These are food lovers and moreover likes non veg food. Also hard workers. You are quick to decide and even quicker to act. You are brave in making career changes; if that is what is to your advantage.


You have exceptional organizing abilities and are undaunted by the size of the task at hand. You tend to be self reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. Though you are not given to making friends very quickly, but once you do, it is for life.




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The people who likes pomegranate have more patience, takes smart decisions. They live in their own life style.

Have you checked your character? This is nothing but Fruit Psychology. Don’t list out other fruits like strawberry, Dates, Badam, Pista, etc. because the survey has been conducted only on the fruits mentioned above.