IndiGo Employee Orders Man To Touch Her Feet For Misbehaving In Hyderabad Airport

AP2TG Staff

There are many situations that we experience in our traveling through flight journeys, sometimes there’ll be a delay in flights due to technical issues, sometimes due to weather conditions, earlier, there was an incident in which the luggage of the passenger got reached another part of the country, unlike where he is going.

In the latest incident that took place in Hyderabad, an IndiGo employee confronted two drunk men who allegedly harassed her at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. One of the two is ordered to touch her feet for allegedly misbehaving with her at the airport.

The video shows that staffer taking the two men to the police outpost and then ordering them to apologize to her by touching her feet. The woman did not lodge any complaint against the duo as they were students. The airline officials alleged that the man was drunk. The incident happened on Saturday and the video is going to social media platforms.

The woman employee ordered one of her alleged harassers in Telugu: “Touch my feet! Bend. Bend. Touch my feet!”

According to the woman employee, the man and his friend had allegedly chased her when she was heading to the airport from the parking lot to report for the morning shift. She complained to the traffic policeman, who hauled up the two and led them to a police post at the airport. One of the men is heard pleading with the woman and offering to touch her feet if she spared him.

IndiGo airlines issued a statement and said, “In an unfortunate incident last night (Sunday, November 19), two men at the Hyderabad airport were handed over to the local police on grounds of misbehavior with an IndiGo female ground staff. The incident occurred when our staff member was walking towards the airport to report for her morning shift.

While walking, she observed two men following her from the parking area. As she kept walking and was around the pre-paid taxi counter, one of the men tried coming closer to her. She immediately approached a traffic cop who was standing nearby. The traffic cop took them to the police station outpost at the airport. Our staff member informed the police that both the men appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

As soon as the two men were brought to the police station, they immediately started apologizing to our staff member. Basis their apology, our staff member did not file a formal complaint with the police. They were kept in police custody for a few hours after which they were released since no formal complaint was registered.”

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The police said the woman did not file a complaint against the two men, but they have booked them for creating the nuisance. “They later told us they were students,” said Ramesh Naik, the sub-inspector at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport police station.

Earlier on November 11, a case of passenger ill-treatment caused an uproar across the cyberspace. IndiGo was forced to clarify after its employees were caught on camera assaulting and dragging a passenger on the tarmac after stopping him from boarding a bus to the airport terminal over an argument.