Indian Team Used To Hate Anil Kumble For This Weird Reason, This Will Surprise You

AP2TG Staff

After a never ending row of words exchanged and matches played, Anil Kumble finally stepped down from the position of Head Coach of Team India. Though, the whole cricket fraternity including the fans was disappointed. Most of the popular cricketers and other sportspersons like Abhinav Bindra ended up indirectly criticizing skipper Virat Kohli.

Different versions of stories circulated on social media and various news portals regarding the fiasco between Kohli and Kumble. These things got intensified as India lost the finals of Champions Trophy to the arch rivals Pakistan.

After many days of silence, Kohli finally opened up about his differences with Kumble, stated that he is never going to unveil the dressing-room details, he simply said that his relationship with Kumble has become “untenable” which is quite out of balance or un-cooperative.

Now post this, another source from the cricket fraternity unveiled that there are some reasons that roped in clashes between Indian players and Kumble. Out of which, one is choosing to bat or bowl first, during the final of Champions Trophy.

Detailing the fiasco, the sources read:

“The team members, who were feeling terrible about the loss, in any case, felt that their coach was scolding them like children and not treating them like professionals. The captain, they said, is very possessive about his team in the dressing room and he was upset at the way Kumble spoke to them.”

Kumble is pretty tough with the players, he even used to treat them like children, then scold them. It is also believed that he even gave a good firing to the players. Kohli was of the opposite mindset; he believed that such scoldings create a lot of insecurity. However, Kumble believed that this was necessary to maintain discipline and order in the team, which finally backfired.