[WATCH VIDEO] Indian Skipper Virat Kohli Caught Chewing A Gum During National Anthem In Today’s INDvsSL Test Match

AP2TG Staff

The debate of Indian National Anthem is pretty intense these days. The debate has become one of the biggest issues in the country. Amid wrong currents, this time it is Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli who was involved in this controversy.

Virat Kohli has always been vocal about his patriotism and has always taken immense pride in representing the nation. Virat is a stalwart batsman, unarguably the best in the game and has a sprawling fan base.

But what happened today at Eden Gardens before the commencement of the first Test match between India and Sri Lanka might fetch him some heavy duty criticism. At the pre-match National Anthem ceremony, the Indian skipper was spotted chewing a gum as the National Anthem was being sung.

This seems to be a big blunder for his fans to cover up as this time it is about the National Anthem.

Watch The Video Here:

This is not the first time an Indian cricketer was spotted chewing a gum during the National Anthem. Earlier, Parvez Rasool was caught in a similar act and he was handed over a violent criticism for his act.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Rasool was also seen chewing a gum in his debut match. Given how people responded to this mistake one would have to say that the skipper might be in some trouble for this silly blunder.

National Anthem is indeed a symbol of the nation’s pride. We must also not overlook the fact that this time it isn’t just any player but the captain of the national side and his actions would have much greater effects.