An Indian-Pakistani Couple Just Showed Up During Yesterday’s Match And Twitter Did Not Spare Even Them

AP2TG Staff

The India-Pakistan match of ICC Champions Trophy at Edgbaston on Sunday kept fans across the world glued to their screens, have you? Much to everyone’s dismay, the clouds managed to rain on every fan’s parade.

However, respite came in the form of a couple. The surprising factor of the couple is they decked in the colors of their respective teams i.e. India and Pakistan. Yes, green and blue did come together

The Indian man was seeing canoodling with a Pakistani woman. The icing on the treat was a couple who watched the match live and sent a strong message of peace. The appeal for peace comes at the backdrop of many voicing their anger at India playing Pakistan in the Champions Trophy.

The picture made a splash on social media and a journalist noted that it was the picture of the day by some distance.

Don’t believe us? Have a look!

As the reports suggest that they are husband and wife, but Twitter had other ideas. They found a way to be sassy, bitchy but undeniably hilarious in these tweets, about this Indian-Pakistani couple.

There was also a concern that the image had been photoshopped. A fair warning. Some love, some hate (inevitably)…but a refreshing site nonetheless.

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