IIFA 2017 Didn’t Bring Shah Rukh Khan, Julia Roberts Or Matt Damon As Promised, Check Out The Mundane Excuse They Got

AP2TG Staff

With the marks of Nepotism, IIFA 2017 is still a kind of regression for the hosts, for passing some uncomfortable comments on Kangana Ranaut. The ultimate backlash on the Internet is still going on even though the hosts Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan apologized in their respective ways.

The absence of 2016’s much appreciated Dangal is quite conspiring and along with all of this, Diljit Singh’s lip sink during the 8:00 minutes concert is quite obnoxious for the people who attended the show spending a lot of money.

However, IIFA authorities now have another problem to solve. Prior to the award giving ceremony, the authorities made some crazy marketing stunts by exaggerating the guests’ list. They even mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Hollywood legendaries like Matt Damon and Julia Roberts will be present.

They bluntly quoted ‘when Hollywood meets Bollywood’. Now, that is a catchy line, but not in practice. Infuriated attendees went complaining about the absence of those people at the event, some straightly demanded the refund. It also had claimed that Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan will perform on one stage, at the same time, which never happened before in history. On the other hand, the lip sync issue was also raised during Diljit Dosanjh’s 8-minute- long concert.

Now, as these many things are questioned, the organizers obviously has to answer the attendees. They played it safe by posting a thin disclaimer below it that read, “All images used in this document are for representation purposes and we don’t claim the presence of these individuals at the event unless the same is advertised on our website.”

This disclaimer which is printed on the pamphlet left people shocked. The words there are clearly invisible and could not even be read by the people.

Now, the response from the higher officials is not yet received. Let us hope that they won’t behave the way organizers did. However, it seems that this IIFA is clearly unforgettable for the coming years, many things are yet to be resolved.