Watch: Hyper Aadi Hilarious Skit In Jabardasth, Opens His First Punch On Rashmi

AP2TG Staff

Jabardasth katarnak comedy show, the most viewed comedy show in ETV by mallemala creations is one of the best comedy shows till date. All the participants have participated in Jabardasth show are in good position now.

All the comedians are getting good opportunities in movies. Even though some team members are not leaving Jabardasth as it gives them bread and butter. Here is the hilarious comedy skit of Hyper Aadi last night.

Hyper aadi

Hyper Aadi Hilarious Skit:

Hyper Aadi is paired with Raising Raju and formed a new team. Hyper Aadi who is having a good comedy timings delivering his wonderful skits from the day one. Last episode by Hyper Aadi deserved 10 out of 10 but due to some reasons, he was unable to win the skit. Yesterday’s skit by Aadi and Raju worked out very well and the judges enjoyed throughout.

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