Hrithik Roshan Slams Famous Media House For Reporting False News About Him

AP2TG Staff

We all know that Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan has a soft and humble tone. Many people, especially his fans call him as a real ‘Gentleman’. He always remains calm and composed, but if anyone tries to show him in a negative way, he doesn’t hesitate to slam them.

Hrithik Roshan uses his Twitter account often, most of the times to challenge media stories and allegations about him. The famous media house, Deccan Chronicle, messed up and published a wrong news about Hrithik

The report says, “the actor misbehaved with a female fan who tried to invade Hrithik Roshan’s personal space for taking a selfie when he was at the gym. Hrithik was angry with this act and asked her to delete the pictures from her mobile immediately.”

Without verifying the facts, Deccan Chronicle reported that Hrithik Roshan snatched her phone and formatted it; this was because he didn’t like the way she invaded his personal space.

Have a look at the screenshot;

As soon as Hrithik came across this news report, he became furious. He then took to Twitter and slammed the media house in a very sarcastic way. Of course, he did it in his own style; he delivered the right message, but in a subtle way.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“Hey Deccan, U are really great at writing chronicles of Fantasia. Let’s meet up whenever u are back from la la land. Cheers.”

Not just Hrithik but his fans also got angry. Soon, Hrithik’s fans came in support of their favorite actor and said he can never be rude.

Earlier, in April, he called out actress Angela Krislinzki for giving a ‘misleading’ interview to a daily about her association with the Bang Bang star. Ms. Krislinzki told the daily that Hrithik was like a ‘friend and mentor’ to her after they worked together in a TVC for a mobile phone. She also alleged that Hrithik was considering her for a film.

In a tweet, Hrithik Roshan wrote: “Dear lady, who are you and why are you lying?” Later, Angela Krislinzki apologized.

Do you think Hrithik Roshan can ever misbehave with his fans? Share your views about the Deccan Chronicle’s report in the comments section below.