Hrithik Roshan Destroys The Polish-Spanish Actress In A Single Tweet After She Called Him ‘Her Mentor And Friend’

AP2TG Staff

These days, the baits for becoming popular have become too linear and handy. Tweet something about the popular person, grab attention, get a response from your favorite actor, bingo! you’re popular on Twitter now.

Everything that attracts common face and is different, is popular according to current media prospectives. This time, Bollywood’s so called greek god has taken a tough dig at his oppo advertisement co-star, Polish-Spanish actress Angela Krislinzki. people generally crave to gain attention from him, spread rumors or tell whatever they want, but this actress diabolically gave an interview in which she called Hrithik, his mentor, and a good friend.

Claiming that she knows him very well personally, she even claimed that she had a huge crush on him and developed liking for him when their second commercial was on the table, though it wasn’t executed.

When asked about her relationship with Hrithik, she said:

“I was under the impression that he had forgotten me. After all, he is a star who shoots umpteen ads with several young models. But he called out to me and remembered all the conversations we’d had and the fact that my dad was from Valencia. He also asked me jokingly whether the colour of my eyes was real. When I signed a movie in the South. He also inquired about the maker and assured me that this film would definitely take me places.”

Later she added: “I am happy that I have found a great friend and mentor in him. I would love to work with him again but I don’t know when it will happen.”

And can you guess what Hrithik has to say about this? His reply was so simple and informative that he basically questioned her identity. He cornered her why she was lying and what all she has to do with it.

All he did was posting one tweet, and oops! that spread like wildfire.

And Twitter reactions: