Hrithik Has An Epic Reply To The Girl Who Tucked In Her Fingers In His Wax Statue’s Underpants

AP2TG Staff

Bollywood’s Greek god Hrithik Roshan, rightfully called so for his looks, action, and dances. Hrithik is nonetheless less when it is about responding to his fans. No matter how much older he grew, the number of fans won’t go down just like his anti-aging personality.

Hrithik is always well known for his epic replies on Twitter, be it branding, trolls or any other issues, Hrithik is always on the table. Recently, this actor was stuck in the controversy with Kangana Ranaut, which later turned out to be a legal battle. However, putting aside that serious issue, Hrithik even slammed the famous clothing company Tommy wistfully for taking advantage of him and his pictures with his sons.

He never held it back when it is about responding to his fans, and no matter how films run, there’s always an enough edge to rope in new lady following. Hrithik, well known for his skills even grew wittier with his age parallel to the quality of his recent movie Kabil.

Here came a situation when a girl fan posted a series of photos of her with Hrithik’s statue at Madam Tussaud’s museum. But, here’s a creepy thing the girl did. She tucked in her fingers into Hrithik’s statue underpants quoting it as “You need to tell @MadameTussauds London to update it! Regardless it was fun posing with you”.

Read Her Tweet Here:

But Hrithik is very good at handling his fans, he gave a wittiest reply to the fan, in his own style saying “U took a peek didn’t u. naughty girl! Love u”

Here’s Hrithik’s response: