Here’s How To Manage To Escape Yourself When A Dog Is Chasing You!..Do’s And Don’ts

AP2TG Staff

It was around 6 am. A group of 3 friends went for a morning walk as a part of their daily routine. On their return to home, they came across a fierce and dangerous stray dog. The dog stared at them in such a way as it is going to bite them. Out of those 3, two of them were of nervous anxiety as the dog is going to chase them. Very soon, their nervous anxiety converted into the panic. But one of them was so cool and relaxed as he is going to handle the chasing dog in a smooth way. He also grabbed the hands of his two friends and asked them not to panic and get relax. Finally, they managed to control the chasing dog and returned to their home safely. You may wonder about what happened meanwhile?, How they escaped from the dog?…Either you or your dear one might have faced the same problem. So, follow this easy way to escape from a chasing dog!

Here Are The Simple Things You Should Do When A Dog Chases You:

First, let us know about the things we shouldn’t do when a dog chases us


  • Panic:

Most of the people will panic on seeing the dog chasing towards them. Don’t get feared about the dog bite. Instead be calm or else your panic may give the sign to dog to bite you

  • Stop The Urge To Run:

Don’t run when a dog is going to chase you. As running may increase the intention of dog to bite you. So, running away from a chasing dog is the most dangerous thing.

  • Avoid eye contact:

Eye contact with the humans may solve the problem as the other person understands your emotions when you look into their eyes. But this is reverse in case of a dog. Dogs will see eye contact as threat or challenge. So better to avoid eye contact with dogs but at the same time you should pay attention to what the dog is doing, as you need to react based upon its action

  • Throwing Stones:

Don’t throw stones on the dog as the dog see it as the threat and the chances of attacking may increase.

  • Shouting Loud:

Don’t shout loudly on the dog.


  • Stay calm:

Don’t move from your position and stay calm watching the movements of the dog

  • Give Verbal Commands:

Some dogs may understand your verbal commands. So, use a firm commanding voice to tell the dog to “sit”, “lie down”, “go away”

  • Distract the dog:

If you have some food items like chicken, biscuits, bread etc. throw them on the floor in front of the dog. You can escape while the dog eats.

If you don’t have any food items or dog toys, find a stick to throw as it will distract the dog.

  • Fighting Back:

If fighting back with the dog is the only way left with you, better to use your left arm as a blocker against the dog and keep your right arm behind your back.

  • Use of chemical repellent /water:

If you have a pepper spray or any chemical repellents, use them on the dog to protect yourself. Sometimes, you can sprinkle the water from your bottle on the dog.

  • Hitting With Leg Or Shoving An Object:

Be prepared yourself and stay in the position to hit the dog with your leg. Or else, throw any object on it to threaten.

So, these techniques may be useful for you in your real-life situations when a dog chases you. Like and share this useful tips to your loved ones.

Leave a comment if you have a story of a dog chasing you and let us know how you managed to escape from the dog.