Ever Wondered How MS Dhoni Hides Himself From The Huge Fan Following In Journeys

AP2TG Staff

We all love to have a sneak-peek into our favorite celebrities’ personal lives. Be it, cricketers or actors, everybody has their unseen side, and thanks to social media for bridging that gap between the fans and their favorites. Audiences are always curious to know what’s happening off the screen.

Former TeamIndia’s captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one among those of who is most searched on the Internet. For both his cricketing statistics and off the field achievements Dhoni is considered as the much-loved cricketer just the way Sachin Tendulkar was.

Soon after the pictures of him sleeping on the pitch has gone viral on the Internet, a video clip of Dhoni hiding in a towel in the flight faced the same fate. In the video shared by his wife Sakshi Singh, we can see Dhoni covering his face with a blue towel. Though now standard reason is known, it is pretty clear that Dhoni is hiding so that he cannot be seen by the fans on the flight.

Watch the video here:


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One doesn’t need to describe the kind of following Dhoni earned throughout his career. He has a huge fans following and people often run for his autographs but this sometimes leads to hiding face to save himself from fans.

The previous video:


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Though Dhoni managed to hide from the fans during the journey, it is pretty clear that many have already witnessed him and moreover might be waiting badly for the selfies and autographs.

The reaction of the crowd is quite intensely visible in the comments section of the video.