This Is How Indians Are Being Treated In The US Post Donald Trump’s Victory

AP2TG Staff

Republican Candidate Donald Trump has taken an unassailable lead against Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton to become the 45th US President yesterday. Hillary Clinton has also reportedly called him to congratulate him on the victory. During the run-up to the big day, social media users have been sharing hilarious Election-themed memes by the dozen. And some of them are seriously funny.

Trump has been supportive of India and ‘Hindus’, but a deeper look into his style of working tells a different story altogether. Everyone in the US expressed their opinion on Trump winning in elections. In fact, a majority of the citizens are afraid of Trump win from the beginning. Just one day after his win, news of blatant racism from around The US has started to emerge.


Manik Rathee, an Indian-origin designer based in Silicon Valley who is employed by Google shared his experience through twitter.

Manik’s tweets inspired others from around the country to report the cases of racism they felt after Donald Trump’s victory. Another case of racism was reported as a reply to Manik’s much-circulated tweet:

At least Some showed concern:

Hope for the god things to happen under Trump leadership. What do you say about Donald Trump’s victory ? Share your views in the comments section below.