Here’s The Reason Why The Brits (England Cricket Team) Donned The Poppy Seeds On The 3rd Day’s Play

Krishna Reddy

We have recently seen Indian Cricket Team sporting the jerseys with their mother names against New Zealand to pay tribute to their mothers and prove gender equality.


In the same way, in the on-going Test match between India and England, the Brits (England Cricket Team) donned the poppy seeds on the third day’s play in the first Test. The England cricket team decided to sport the poppy seed on the designated ‘Armistice Day’ in England.

The England national football team had gotten into a controversy with FIFA, the premier Football governing body in the world after they had banned them from wearing the poppy seed during their World Cup Qualifier against Scotland at Wembley.

However, the England skipper Alastair Cook and the rest of the team observed a minute’s silence in the morning prior to the start of the first session. According to the FIFA, it does not allow teams to wear political, commercial, or even religious symbols on their jersey while playing.

The poppy is something that is usually worn by the citizens of the United Kingdom to pay respects to those who had lost their lives in the first World War and also to those who generally have laid down their lives for the good of the country.

In spite of this, the poppy seed is something that is worn by the players and managers in the Premier league from time to time. Even Scotland and England have vowed to don the poppy seed in their encounter at Wembley on Wednesday despite the rulings made by the FIFA.

Alastair Cook, the captain stated that “it is important for the national team to pay respects to those who had laid their lives down for the United Kingdom. We took a particular pride in wearing the poppies and also hoped that we would make a general awareness for those who are unfamiliar with the country’s history in the WW1. It’s important for the national team to pay their respects. We hope that the team wearing their poppies with pride will help drive even more awareness and help make a real difference to the lives of servicemen and women, veterans and their loved ones.”