[Watch] Shame! Group Of Men Brutally Beats Up 2 Women In Broad Daylight, Horrific Video Gone Viral

AP2TG Staff

From past couple of days, there are series of incidents in which women are molested, abused or raped at various metro cities in India. Starting from Kerala’s molestation attempt in Kozhikode in broad daylight, the streak continued with Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, after an unfortunate incident that took place in Mumbai MMTS train another one surfaced the news and it happened in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam footpath.

Sadly, no matter how many critical steps are taken, sexual harassment and molestation are somehow typical menaces to the current state of the society, crucial problems in today’s corporate and other professional sectors. Kicking aside the academics, proper morale is mandatory and many people are actually missing it.

Though Woman empowerment is a must aspect, there must be a push from another side to make people aware of manners, despite the various laws and amendments that almost turned out to be favorable in women’s sides, we are utterly unable to gain expected progress.

This incident has taken place at Gorakhpur, and it came out soon after the CCTV Footage dated November 12th is acknowledged. In the video, one can see a group of men thrashing two women brutally. It all started with a man throwing stones at a house and when a woman comes out to confront him, then he and his friends mercilessly beat her.

Another woman comes out to save her, but even she is thrashed badly. Police have registered the case and the investigation is underway.

Watch the video here:

If we assume that this is the only incident in Uttar Pradesh, then we are utterly wrong. A number of other cases have come to the front in recent months. Last month on October 8, a girl student was molested by three men in the DDU Gorakhpur University campus, raising serious questions about women’s safety in higher educational institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The three accused were caught by university authorities and handed over to police.

The one incident regarding the Swiss couple is however unforgettable.