Govt Puts NDTV India Ban On Hold After It Files An Appeal. This Is How Twitter Reacted

AP2TG Staff

The one-day ban on NDTV’s Hindi channel, which was ordered as a penalty for coverage of an attack in January has been put on hold by Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu. The Supreme Court announced it would hear NDTV appeal on Tuesday.

The government had  earlier maintained that the channel’s coverage had been against the national interest. The only reason given for the sudden turnaround was that the channel had filed an appeal. The ban kept on hold when the head/s of NDTV met Venkaiah Naidu and the fallout of the closed-door meeting.


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After the meeting, there was an announcement that the one-day blackout was on hold for now by The Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu.

Detailed Order From Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting:


Given its sudden turnaround on the issue, the government was trolled relentlessly on the issue and many congratulated the NDTV channel.


It’s not a question of only NDTV India. It’s a question of the integrity of the fourth estate. Do share your thoughts about the issue in the comment session below.