Google Fit App : With New Features Counts Calories, Tracks Distance


Google Fit app allows the users to know energy spend by the person on daily basis. On Android Official Blog it was posted that an year old app has been updated for the people those who want to know record of fitness activities.This app was updated as per the importance of achieving fitness goals by people. This Google Fit app allows the users to know the count calories burn and also keep a record of fitness activities by the user grouped by days, weeks or months. The app is now finally updated by Google and brings in many new additions and is available on the Google Play Store.

Google Fit app lets you count calories

Google Fit App Counts Calories and Tracks Distance :

Google Fit can calculate the distance and calories burned based on a user’s profile. Users of this app need to update all the details and make sure that their profile has correct information about gender, height and weight for the estimates. This will allow the app to now offer a detailed activity about levels and exercises through days, weeks or months.

Updated Google Fit app lets you count calories


Amazing app that let you stay motivated to burn your calories. Google Fit app has sensors built in it that will detech when you’re walking, biking, and running.
It will inform how many miles you have walked, on bike and running. This all gives the information about biggest impact on your daily calorie burn. Quick glance about the burning calories will make you able to see how close you are to your goal and stay motivated