Google Allows Pre-Registration, Alerts For Upcoming Android Apps


Google has introduced an interesting new feature to the Google Play Store. Google allowing users to pre-register for upcoming Android apps. According to sources, the Android app store now lets you preregister for forthcoming games and apps so that you’ll be notified on your Android phone or tablet the second they’re available to download. Users should take note that the pre-registration system is simply a notification system that issues an alert when an app is ready to be downloaded. Users can sign up for the pre-registration feature by accessing the app on the Google Play Store and then tapping on the pre-register button.


The first app to get this honor is Terminator Genisys : Revolution, a game with no set release date or price quite yet. However, the app’s landing page has all the other details you’d expect, including a video, screenshots and a description. The preregistration feature let the game’s developer, Glu Mobile, advertise that the game is coming soon, before it’s actually ready to play.

About Google Play Store’s Pre Register :

A “pre-register” option for apps and games on Google Play will let you enable a notification alert and your device will be pinged as soon as it is available to download or buy.

For now, the upcoming ‘Terminator Genisys’ movie app is the first app to have a pre-register option. However, it is up to developers to post their apps to the store with or without a pre-register button.

The feature should help developers gauge interest and maximize pre-release hype. If you do pre-register for an app, you’re not committed to buying, and can deregister at any time.Introducing this feature means developers can now open it up to a bit more hype rather than waiting until launch day to introduce it to the Store.