Good News For Cricket Fans! BCCI Will Organize “Mini IPL” And Here Are The Details

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Cricket is one of the most entertaining games in the world. Especially in India, it is much more than a sport, cricket fans do anything to watch cricket and play cricket. There would be very few people in the country who haven’t yet watched a cricket match.

They can literally sit for hours glued to their TV sets, admiring and cheering for their favorite cricket stars. Though it’s not the national sport of the country, Indians follow it passionately and celebrate it just like a religion.

Also, there is no doubt that the Indian Premier League is one of the best sports league and arguably the best cricket league in the world. With the recently-concluded season, IPL has completed ten years. And, it has always been like a festival for the Indian fans every year.

Seeing this huge fan following and passion for IPL cricket, the BCCI has come up with an exciting announcement for the Indian fans which will make every cricket fans of the nation jump out of excitement. Read the whole story here…

As per reports, IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla has recently made an announcement, confirming that BCCI is making up mind of organizing IPL’s mini edition and UAE might be the preferred destination for the same.

Here’s what Rajeev told Gulf News when ICC Champions Trophy was being played in Edgbaston,

“One concept that we are deliberating and considering is launching a mini edition of the IPL overseas. We have seen that there is huge attraction for IPL overseas. Earlier, we used to stage our Champions League T20 abroad and that slot is still vacant. We are thinking of a mini edition in that slot.”

On being asked about Dubai as the venue, he stated that organizers would definitely prefer it over other destinations. Just to inform, since general elections were going on in India in 2014, it was Dubai that hosted IPL 7 first leg.

Indian Premier League might go through enormous changes after its 10th season finished. In recent times, a significant advancement was seen when the title sponsorship deal was renewed by VIVO for next 5 years for a whopping amount of Rs, 2,100 crore.

Rajeev disclosed plans for the next decade as he stated,

“The next 10 years are going to be interesting. We are changing the revenue sharing model. Earlier franchises took the license fee but now they will be sharing the revenue with the BCCI. Another important thing is about tenders for the broadcasters. In fact, broadcasters’ tenders will be out in July and we are expecting manifold rise in it.”

In addition, he denied any rumor of introducing more teams in Indian Premier League, as he said,

Bengaluru : Chennai Super Kings players with CLT20 trophy after winning against Kolkata Knight Riders at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Saturday. PTI Photo by Shailendra Bhojak(PTI10_4_2014_000274A)

“So far we have decided for eight teams only, otherwise the season will get extended and that will be a problem. If we go for 10 teams, we will have to stage minimum 84 matches. However, the governing council will be considering it but so far the tender will be only for eight teams.”

This is definitely a great piece of news for cricket lovers!! Are you excited?

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