“Golden Toilet” – Bizarre Wedding Gift by Saudi King


What shall we do if we have more money? We don’t know about others, but a king in Saudi Arabia got a unique idea. The king of Saudi Arabia is one of the richest persons in the world who have property of around 21 million dollars got an Unique thought and also implemented it immediately. Generally, parents present precious gifts for their daughter’s at the time of wedding. Here, the Saudi king has given most bizzare gift to his daughter as a wedding gift. He spent crores and celebrated his daughter’s wedding majestically.


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The king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah gifted a toilet which is totally made of gold to his daughter on her wedding. Also the wedding dress of bride is completely made up of gold which costs around 180 crores which was designed to give her a ‘Pyramid’ kind of look.


The king was named as the most influential Muslim of the 500 Muslims for the past 4 years by Forbes. In 2011, the wealth of the king and his immediate family’s documentable wealth was placed at US$21 billion by Forbes. So it doesn’t come a surprise that the Saudi King gifted a golden toilet to his daughter on her marriage.

Golden Toilet - Bizarre Wedding Gift by Saudi King

The most shocking news about this wedding is that the girl married to a man who has already 11 wives and 16 children.