Gautam Gambhir Makes Shocking Comments On Shahid Afridi Before Match Between India And Pakistan

AP2TG Staff

Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir isn’t the kind of player who loves the limelight but he has always been in the news for his on-field antics. Needless to say, off the field, he is one of the most humble cricketers in the world. He idolizes the great Bhagat Singh and wears his heart on his sleeves.

We know that Gambhir played his best cricket between 2007 and 2011, in which he was one of the key players in winning two World Cups for India in limited-overs cricket with his gritty batting. Also, he played in a few memorable encounters against arch-rivals Pakistan.

Remember the very famous incident where angry young man Gambhir who had a face-off with Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi which led both players to exchange the extreme ‘Hindi Gaalis’. Also, his heated argument with Kamran Akmal in the Asia Cup of 2010 when Dhoni had to literally pull Gambhir away from the scuffle.

And now as we all know the Champions Trophy has started and the Men in Blue will start their campaign on June 4 i.e, tomorrow against arch-rivals Pakistan. And now, anything and everything about it in India has become a hot topic and an exclusive news for the cricket fans.

With the India-Pakistan clash around the corner, news channels are running various programs where former cricketers are invited to share their views on the oncoming game.

Recently, Gambhir was called by ABP News to discuss the game alongside former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar.

During the interview Gambhir lashed out Afridi for his lame comments:
The presenter asked Gambhir to express his views on Afridi’s latest comments that he can be friends with every Indian cricketer apart from Gautam Gambhir because this Indian never wanted to be friends with any of his Pakistani counterparts.

Well, the angry man of cricket, Gambhir replied in a staunch manner saying that Afridi’s brain hasn’t developed according to his age. The 35-year old said that he maintains good relations with Pakistani players but the scenario changes when they are pitted against each other on the field.
However, Shoaib Akhtar who was in the interview controlled the heated atmosphere their by laughing at Gambhir’s comments off saying that both Afridi and Gambhir have had a misunderstanding as both players are good humans. He said that he wouldn’t be surprised if they hug when they meet for the next time.

Thus, this proves that India vs Pakistan has its share of banter, not just among the fans, or the players but even the former cricketers.

However, India and Pakistan match is one of the hugely anticipated encounters in the world tomorrow. What do you say about this?

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