A Funny Remix of #Baahubali Trailer With DisneyCars


The most sensational and awaiting Telugu movie of the decade Baahubali is coming soon to theatres. Before the movie is released, every movie makers have a habbit of releasing the trailer of the movie. In which the outline of the movie and what is the movie based on are the points we come to know about the movie. Thus the makers of Baahubali also released the trailer which is gaining a huge response from the audience. This is the way the makers attract the audience to watch the movie.

Hence the fans for the movie are growing day by day. Few fans are comparing the movie trailer with the great movies like Avatar and Disney Cars. In these trailers, the story and the subject of the movie are shown same as it is in both the movies. Disney Cars is the movie which is based on the cars. Hence fans created the new trailer which looks same as the Baahubali trailer. Here is the Disney Cars Movie trailer compared to Baahubali Movie trailer.

Watch it and enjoy the video below:

Must Watch Video: Baahubali Movie Compared to Avatar

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