Flipkart Now Has To Pay Rs 15000 To Its Customer For Selling A Faulty Mobile Charger At Rs 259

AP2TG Staff

Online shopping has become too much handy in these days, in accordance with the demand in the market, avid e-commerce websites are flooding the Internet with wide range of offers and appliances. In this ocean o availabilities and discounts, somewhere somehow, people are missing the characteristics of quality and life span of the goods they purchase, especially electronic devices like mobile or other chargers and headsets.

From the very beginning itself, ShopClues was always been criticized for the disqualified product sales, now at this moment, Flipkart joined the list after a complaint was registered against the company by a young Indian customer Irfani who purchased a mobile charger, worth Rs 259.

The consumer forum on district level has addressed the commercial company to compensate to Irfani by paying him off Rs 15000, the price of the mobile phone, as it was damaged when connected to the charger handed over by Flipkart.

And getting into the details, the story goes:

Dr. Ahmed AQ Irfani had purchased the charger via Flipkart around January 2016 at Rs 259. When he plugged in the charger into the power socket, then connecting the cable to his mobile phone, all of sudden, within 10 minutes the phone’s wires were burned resulting in damaging the whole handset within no time.

In his petition, Irfani stated:

“When I complained to Flipkart, they offered to replace the faulty charger but declined to compensate for the damage caused to my phone. They suggested that the device could have been damaged because of the surge in power.”

In addition to this, Irfani mentioned that while purchasing the appliance, it was informed that the charger had a total capacity of withstanding any power fluctuations, in the range of 100-240 volts, which technically is a safe interval for his handset. Irfani filed a petition seeking a reimbursement for the damage caused by the same.

In his petition, Irfani demanded the complete reimbursement that sums up the price of the phone, which is around Rs 15000.

Meanwhile, in a bid to defend themselves, Flipkart claimed that they were merely an online platform that sells goods and they’re not responsible for the quality of the goods.

They further added that short-circuit might be the real cause of damage, and the faulty charger is not the actual reason for this issue.

In its statements, Flipkart said:

“Flipkart cannot shirk their liability on the grounds that they did not charge any consideration from the complainant. The complainant purchased the product through Flipkart and therefore there exists a relationship between a consumer and the service provider between the two.”

“When the battery charger had a wide range of 110 volts to 240 volts, it is not probable that the power surge would have damaged the mobile phone. In such facts and circumstances of the case, the complainant is entitled not only to the refund of the amount paid for the charger but to a reasonable compensation” they added.

This is not the first time, such incidents took place, from past two years, plethora of cases were filed, when Flipkart delivered stones and soaps when an iPhone or a DVD player was ordered.

Let us wish that Irfani might get justice and Flipkart would be little more careful about teh inds of devices it sells in future.