Watch: Our First SuperHero “SHAKTIMAAN Is Back” Trailer Is Out

AP2TG Staff

Kids born in 90’s are very familiar with “Shaktimaan”. He is the first ever Indian fictional Super Hero from the television series.  This serial was directed by Dinkar Jani. Producer of this serial Mukesh Kanna starred in a lead role.  Around 400 episodes of the series originally aired on Doordarshan, India’s national television network, from 27 September 1997  to 27 March 2005, on Sundays at 12 noon. It has also aired on Pogo in English, Tarang in Oriya and Chutti TV in Tamil, and repeated its Hindi telecast on STAR Utsav.

Shaktimaan is depicted as a human who has attained superhuman strength and power through deep meditation and attaining control over five elements of life. Kitu Gidwani, and later Vaishnavi Mahant plays the role of Geeta Vishwas, a reporter in the series who loves Shaktimaan. Surendra Pal plays the role of Tamraj Kilvish, the main antagonist in the series. Recently in May 2016, Mukesh Khanna announced that the show will be renewed and he will reprise his role of Shaktimaan.


Mukesh Khanna, who played superhero Shaktimaan in the series, told us, “Maybe within a few months or within this year, I might be able to bring Shaktimaan back. I am already talking to GECs and Doordarshan, which aired the show. I strongly object to the bhedchaal of coming up with shows that only cater to women. They say that only women watch TV, but even men sit down at the dinner table and want to watch TV! When I made Shaktimaan, it was a challenge. And the show wasn’t just for kids.”

He also said that, “will have advanced computer graphics and techniques. I will also have the older characters like Geeta Biswas, Kilwish and Dr Jackal. Also, kids will be a part of the show and we might even show kids being trained to become Shaktimaan!”

Shaktimaan is back. This time, to rejoice the fans by saving the world from KillVish Terror. Kilvish has become the most powerful. To know how Shaktiman will defeat Kilvish, we need to wait until the release of the movie. The new avtar in the trailer is so attractive. The poster is as below


Shaktiman is back poster

Here are the details of the Cast and the Crew:

  • Lead Role- Mukesh Kanna
  • Director- Dushyant Kapoor
  • VFX & CGI – Nitin Swaroop
  • Associate Director – Ankit Vatsa
  • Creative Director – Aditya Mehta
  • Cinematographer – Anand Badoniya

[Watch Video]: Shaktimaan is Back – First Indian Superhero | Trailer | 2016