You’ll Surely Relate To This Most Heart-Touching Reply From A Father When His Asks About His Freedom!

AP2TG Staff

It’s around 10 pm. A teenage boy came late to his home. On seeing the boy, his father asked the boy to stay from all these things and said to keep the focus on the studies in a polite way. Upon scoldings from the parents, the son replied, “You were not giving me freedom since my childhood. You were always irritating me in the name of studies. Clarify me about the following things whether I shouldn’t spend the time with my friends? Shouldn’t I go to movies and tours? Shouldn’t I talk in a mobile phone for at least one hour? I shouldn’t chat in facebook?, what’s wrong with all these things?”

His father said that he will give his son unlimited freedom but on a condition that they should their hometown on upcoming Friday. And after returning from the village after 2 days it’s his wish to live and enjoy the freedom. His son accepted the condition and they all went to their village. While they were in a mango yard, a conversation started among the father and son. Father asked his son to go around and meanwhile I will take rest here. After 1 hour his son returned back. His father questioned about the various things seen by his son. His son replied, “All the trees were big. But one tree was so short and infected by various insects. It doesn’t have any fruits also. What’s the reason behind this?”

His father answered, “Some unnecessary branches will be cut down after the mango tree grows up to a certain height. Due to the unnecessary branches, sometimes sun rays may not fall on the tree and leads to the death of the tree. All the tree branches were cut except the one you asked about. That was the first tree in this yard. And we left its freedom in the growth.

As soon as the father said this, Son realised about his mistakes. He understood the reason behind his parents scolding. Parents always focus on the future of their child and they never want to let their son into the wrong path in the name of freedom especially in teenage!.

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