Are You Eating The Food Wrapped In Aluminium Foil? Then See How Aluminium Is Hazardous To Health.

AP2TG Staff

Had you ever brought parcel of Baked foods, Roti`s, Fast food items, Biryani etc. ? Then most of the people answer “yes”. Then most probably you are aware of Aluminum foil. But most you are not aware of health problems caused by the aluminium.

When said about aluminium is dangerous to health, you may get a doubt that “Human body consists of aluminium and most of food items like salt,cheese,corn,tea etc  we intake consists of aluminium. More over drinking water is purified using Aluminium Sulphate. As we are consuming aluminium in these many ways then how it is hazardeous to health?”


Here is the answer for the above question, The World Health Organisation(WHO) has established a safe daily intake of 40mg per kilogram of body weight per day. Scientists are exploring whether over-exposure to aluminium may be posing threats to human health. For instance, high concentrations of aluminium have been detected in the brain tissue of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminium poses other health risks, too. Studies have suggested that high aluminium intake may be harmful to some patients with bone diseases or renal impairment. It also reduces the growth rate of human brain cells.


Recently, scientists of Arab emirates, Egypt conducted conducted experiments on the harmfulness of food wrapped in the aluminium foil. They concluded that some of the aluminium leaches into the food and thereby your consumption of aluminium per day increases. Aluminium is leach into food higher levels in case of acidic and liquid food. Leaching levels climb even more when spice is added to food that’s cooked in aluminium foil. This may not show immediate impact. But upon long run, it shows lot of health problems.

Finally research suggests that its better not to use aluminium foil to store food. Instead that, ceramic bowls can be used as it is not harmful to health. So, be careful while using aluminium foil. As our health is so much important, we should take care about it.