[Watch Video]: Hilarious Scene In Yesterday’s Match! Du Plessis’ Brain-Fade Causes Comical Run-Out! Dhoni, Virat & Yuvi Can’t Stop Laugh For This RUNOUT!

AP2TG Staff

The most awaited quarter-final match of the ICC Champions Trophy between India and South Africa looked like a perfect game for the Indian cricket fans. Team India’s easy win by 8 wickets and a huge net run rate is simply a moment of celebration for all the Indian fans.

Despite the loss to Sri Lanka in the second match, Team India managed to do well in the third match. The all-around performance of team India is outstanding as they batted well, bowled superbly and not to forget, fielded well.

Amidst all this, there are some incidents which draw the attention in social media. From Dhoni spectacular run out to dismiss the South African skipper Ab DE Villiers to viral images of Couples in the stands. However, this hilarious run-out scene from yesterday’s match topped them all like a wildfire.

It may sound crazy but Faf du Plessis was part of India’s easy victory, some fans even trolled him that he was the Man of the match for letting two batsmen down easily backing easy win for India. First, he sent their skipper AB de Villiers calling for a shot run and he caught spectacularly run-out by Dhoni fastest hands.

Then after, Faf du Plessis once again played his part in another batsman’s run-out and this time it was the in-form David Miller.

The incident happened on the first ball of the 30th over when R Ashwin bowled quicker delivery which du Plessis tried to play by making some room for himself. However, he failed to play the cut shot and the ball after hitting the outside edge of the bat went to the short third-man fielder.

And as soon as the ball went past his bat, du Plessis set off before hesitating and to make the matters worse he set off once again. In the meantime, Miller after seeing du Plessis’ second attempt, ran hard from the other end only to see his partner changing his mind once again.

Both the batsman soon found themselves at the same end. And although Jasprit Bumrah made a poor throw at the batsman’s end, it, fortunately, went to the bowler’s end where Virat Kohli wasted no time in wrapping up the comical incident.

Here is a clip of that dismissal:

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