Drunk and Drive Case: Drunken Lady Doctor Hulchal at Hyderabad


Drunk and Drive case was filed on a Lady Doctor yesterday at 11.30 pm. This incident took place in Road no. 45, Jubilee hills in Hyderabad. A Lady Doctor attended a party in a Pub and consumed Alcohol. After the party completed, she took her car and started to go to home. Meanwhile at jubilee hills, police were checking for Drunk and Drive cases and her car was stopped by the police men. And they asked her to cooperate for checking whether she had taken alcohol or not.

But the Lady Doctor didn’t support the police and she questioned that “I am a Doctor and how can you check in this way. She argued with the police for a long time and at last she was tested with a breath analyzer. And the machine showed that she has consumed 32% of Alcohol. Then the police men filed a Drunk and Drive case on her and ceased her car and took the License from her. She has to attend Court in this regard.

Watch the video below how the Lady Doctor behaved with the police.

This is a bad moment as she is in a high position, serving the people as Doctor.