Drishyam Hindi Movie Review and Rating – Ajay Devgan’s Thriller Film


Bollywood star Ajay Devgan movie Dhrishyam is released on 31st July 2015. The movie has already made in three langauges (Malayalam, Telugu and Tammil). The Hindi Version is directed by Nishikant Kamat. Ajay Davgan played lead role in this film and Shriya, Tabu, Ishita, Risabh Chaddha etc.played supporting role. The movie is produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak and the music is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Here is the “Drishyam” complete review and rating.

Drishyam Hindi movie

Cast and Crew :

Director : Nishikant Kamat

Producer : Kumar Mangat Pathak

Music Director : Vishal Bhardwaj


  • Ajay Devgan
  • Shriya
  • Tabu
  • Ishita
  • Risabh Chaddha

Release Date : 31st July 2015

Country : India

Language : Hindi

Drishyam Story Line :

A man tries to save his family from the dark side of the law after they commit an unexpected crime. Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay) lives in Goa with his wife Nandini (Shriya) and two beautiful daughters. Vijay is a bollywood film lover and runs a local cable business. Crazy about cinema; he laughs, cries, plots and plans The family shares a special bond and lead a happy life until his teenage daughter Anu (Ishita) goes for a inter-school nature camp and meets Sameer Deshmukh(Risabh Chaddha) the son of IG, Meera Deshmukh (Tabu). Sameer shoots a video-clip of Anu in the shower and starts blackmailing her. Twist in the tale arises when a mishap takes place landing Vijay’s in deep trouble. Rest of the story is as to how will the family comes out of this situation.

Drishyam Movie Review and Rating :

Ajay Devgan Bollywood star played a lead role in Dhrishyam and Shriya, Tabu Ishita, Risabh Chaddha etc.played supporting role. This movie is released on 31st July 2015. Vishal Bhardwaj is the music director which was alreday released and had a good response from audience. Both the super stars are seen on the screen. Dhrishyam is an suspense thriller movie. The “Dhrishyam” movie has received positive reviews from critics. Most of the viewers watch this movie for the Ajay Devgan and Tabu.

Drishyam Theatrical Trailer :


“Drishyam” Positive (Plus) Points:

  • Awesome story
  • Excellent performance
  • An Amazing Screenplay
  • Tabu Acting skills

” Drishyam” Negative (Minus)  Points :

  • First half is boring.
  • Shriya and rest of Vijay’s family could have been a better casting.

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict:

” Drishyam ” has everything which you are looking out in a thriller. Even though the first half is a little off the track, the second half makes up for all the flaws. After a long time comes a thriller which is worth a watch and interesting till the climax.