Watch Video : Dowry – Not A Crime In India by Sriharsha Manda


Sriharsha Manda, the fame of “Why Male is Joke in India” is back with other interesting video. The Video is entitled as “Dowry – Not A Crime In India by Sriharsha Manda” is on YouTube under the Crocodile Creations channel. In this video, Sriharsha Manda speaks why Dowry is not a crime in India and he expressed his views on the same with valid points questioning to parents. This 7 minute video makes a special impact in people and their mindset about marriage system going on in our society. Sriharsha is aggressive with his speech but the way he delivered the speech says the frustration regarding Dowry act and marriage system in current society. In the previous video also he supported males but was equivocal in meaning. There are some points which are to be highlighted in the Video which made everyone spell-bound. The video was shared in many social networking sites and has got good appreciation from all kind of audience.

Watch the Video here : This Video went viral in Social Media networks within few minutes of release. “With a run time of 7 minutes 13 seconds, every second is worth watching!” says a fan who was mesmerized with SriHarsha’s concept and video. Watch the clip and tell us what you think about it in the comment section.

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