[WATCH VIDEO] Woman Loses Her Newborn Baby As Doctors Involve In An Ugly Fight In Operation Theater

Charan Palak

Doctors are treated as the beings next to god, well, such is their significance. It is undoubtedly one of the most respected professions in India, and yes, obviously the tough one.

But, what all that matters is the dedication, it is doctors who can rescue the lives that are expected as lost, or about to be. Now, imagine them involved in some ugly spat with a patient on the table, on the top of everything she’s in operation theater about to give birth to a newborn baby, isn’t it gross?

newborn baby died in operation theater, doctors fight

Well, watch the video, the video is shared on Twitter by an experienced reported and Chief Of Bureau Rakesh Goswami, he captioned the video, “Doctors fight in operation theatre of Jodhpur’s Umed Hospital, woman on the table loses her newborn @htTweets.”

In this absurd video, the lady is seen struggling with the pains on the table, while contrary to that, the doctors are involved in a verbal spat because of which they completely ignored the patient.

This absolutely senseless and edgeless deed of the so-called doctors in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur hospital has roped in huge criticism and serious concerns.

Well, let us assume that the authorities will look into the issue as soon as possible.

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