Do you Know the Procedure before Hanging..?


Death sentence is given to the people if any member of a group commits murder in the course of committing an armed robbery, all members of the group can be sentenced to death. Kidnapping for ransom in which the victim is killed is punishable by the death penalty. Being a member of an association or promoting an association while committing any act using unlicensed firearms or explosives that results in death, is punishable by death and some other reasons.

Execution of death is of two categories first is Hanging and the other is shooting. In hanging if any person is sentenced to death, the sentence shall direct that the person be hanged by the neck till the person is dead. Many terrorists like Afzal Guru, Kasab and recently Yakub Memon were hanged because of their criminal history. Most of us do not know the procedure that had been done for hanging.


According to the rules of the jail, firstly, the convict will be woke up early in the morning and after 10 minutes of relaxation jail officials tell him to bath. Later, the jail superintendent, a local magistrate, senior police officials and a doctor goes to the convict place. They will tell the convict his crime for which he had is going to be hanged.

Judicial Hanging

Immediately after the bath jail officials offer him tiffin which he asked. If the food ordered by him is not available in the jail canteen then it will be ordered from outside. Then some time is given to him for relaxation or to read a religious book or to pray. Later the convict will be led to the gallows then the face will be covered by cotton cloth.

Procedure for Hanging

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Then, Mallick will take over. He will tie his hands behind his back and also his legs together. Then, he will recite his little prayer to free himself from any sense of guilt before putting the hood on the convict’s head. Once the lever is pulled and the body kept hanging for some time, it will be brought down. The doctor will examine the body to confirm if the convict is dead. The body will then be sent for autopsy. A surgeon will be present inside the jail to conduct the autopsy. After the postmortem, the body will be handed over to the convict’s family. If there are no claimants to the body, government officials will cremate it. Also, the noose is made from special ropes, applied soap and ripe banana to make it slide smoothly on the convict’s neck just before three days.