A die-hard fan open letter to NTR


NTR Temper mania gripped Tollywood from past one week and NTR earning critical appreciations for his performance as Daya. A died hard fan of Tarak wrote an open letter to the actor and explained how thrilled after watching the film.A die-hard fan open letter to NTR

Below is the copy of the letter written by a die hard fan addressed to NTR.

Dear NTR alias ‘Temper’ Daya!

Foremost, lemme congrajulate you for the iconic portrayal of corrupt cop Daya transforming into a gutsy self sacrificing human being. Hats off! Finally you have released yourself from box-office shackles. Though people are in awe of your performance after watching Temper, WE, your die-hard fans believed you are gonna do wonders this time. YOU DID.

I was always troubled.. DEEPLY troubled… why we don’t have a pan-Indian star from Telugu Film Industry. One Kamal Haasan, one Rajnikanth and the latest one, Dhanush have been enchanting the audiences across the country. Aren’t out box-office figures bigger than our reputed Tamilian counterparts?

When I scan through the box-office blockbusters of our Telugu films, they mainly talk about numbers. MERE NUMBERS.

Like in Exhibition & Sale…

40 crore… 50 crore…80 crore… Okay… now running behind 100 crore. Wooo hooo!

Y chase those figures when you are much more bigger than that?

One “Rakhi” talked about NTR, the real performer…One “Yama Donga” showed NTR’s dialogue power…

Then… … the same NTR, fell down…DOWN… DOWN…DOWN and DOWN… For What? Cozzzz… the same box-office numbers mattered a lot!

We always wanted to salute NTR like Posani’s High on Regard salute in ‘Temper’. But when you gave us ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ and ‘Rabhasa’, we thought how better it would have been to be GAJINI to forget YOU, our TARAK did such MEDIOCRE films 🙁  🙁 .

One court scene in ‘Temper’ is making audiences SPEECHLESS for your performance. Before ‘Temper’ too we were SPEECHLESS or rather SILENT. All those MEDIOCRE stuff from your previous films made us to embrace SILENCE till YOU opened up once again, ONCE AGAIN with your DHANDAYATRA.

Can one *** ***** who has enviable record of box-office collections for even his mediocre performance come anywhere near your COURTROOM scene in ‘Temper’? Performance Top Notch! Your blood has it all.. like COURTROOM scenes in Sr.NTR’s ‘Bobbili PULI ‘Justice Chowdary’ like ‘TEMPER’ scene. Salute!

When Mahesh’s ’1-Nenokkadine’ came, we HOPED & PRAYED, our NTR too should do something like that, a SOLID experiment. Mahesh faltered and we wouldn’t have minded if YOU faltered even doing some meaningful stuff. But doing something CHALLENGING, showing your real potential is important.

See, You took up a challenge DAYA, the HEARTless DAYA…


We always wanted YOU to win this way. Box-office numbers will be taken care of by some mediocre performance hero. NTR doesn’t need to stick to box-office blues.


ONE DAY will come

When no box-office formula is going to save a mediocre rendition and a TRUE performer like NTR will REIGN.

And you know DAYA started stealing the hearts of girls this time. GIRLS who thought NTR films aren’t their cup of tea, are in awe of NTR at present. It’s not just for your AWESOME stunning body dear 😉 .. coz…

YOU spoke for them

YOU are with Nirbhaya, talking something sensible

YOU excited them keeping the debate ON…

Will YOU remain the same hereafter? Will YOU give the chance for us to talk about YOU like Tamilians talk about Kamal or Rajni or Dhanush?

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s FAN

M.Radha ( BTW… has any girl written an open letter to you before? 😉 ? )