Did Liposuction kills Aarti Agarwal?


Yester-year leading actress of Tollywood and south Indian film industry was barely 31 years old. Hospital sources and doctors claimed that she died due to obesity and pulmonary-related ailments. Aarthi Agarwal manager Uma Sankar confirmed that she suffered cardiac arrest and died at about 12 Noon Indian Time in New Jersey, where she has been residing of late.

Aarthi Agarwal’s career was seen soaring and slumping during the past couple of years with the emergence and introduction of new actress in the Tollywood film industry. Aarthi Agarwal acted and shared screen space with top stars like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Prabhas and Tarun in about 20 movies. She was heart robe for the youngsters in the Tollywood during her reign with good command over south Indian films. During the slumping period of her career her love affair with a young star where she tried to commit suicide by consuming toilet cleaner due to the refusal of the her affair from her family sources made her career and life worse to some extent.

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Its been said that the actress underwent liposuction multiple times in the past. Still she was not able to loose her weight.

Its shocking that even though she had underwent liposuction but still not able to lose her weight.Though the medical report has to come out. This is a really good lesson for the people who are undergoing excessive treatments for loosing weight.