Dia Mirza Tried To ‘Damage Control’ After The Amarnath Attack, But Gets Slammed For Misinforming People About Amarnath Yatra

AP2TG Staff

We all know that a sad incident has taken place with the Amarnath Yatra pilgrims as seven of them died in a terrorist attack and it has sent a shock wave in the country.

This brutal incident happened on Monday night, where a group of Islamic terrorists surrounded a bus with 61 Amarnath pilgrims and started firing indiscriminately near Batengoo, Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorists killed seven pilgrims on the Amarnath Yatra and injured almost 32 people who were returning after visiting the holy shrine of Amarnath in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorists opened fired on the bus and indiscriminately killed the innocent pilgrims.

The entire nation is shocked and saddened by the news of a terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims. This piece of news has left many shaken, and Bollywood is not far behind. Even many Celebrities, Politicians, Sports personalities condemned this inhumane act and the country mourned the death of innocent pilgrims.

But as the seculars follow their double-standards, nobody mentioned this being an attack on the Hindu community and never labeled a religion to be linked with terrorism, as they did with the lynching of Junaid.

There are certain celebrities who have always tried to defame the Hindu community and have shown the minorities of being discriminated in the society. One such person has been Dia Mirza who has time and again shown her support for Muslims but has never condemned the attack on Hindus.

Actress Dia Mirza condemned this attack by tweeting that Amarnath symbolizes love and respect for both Hindus and Muslims but at the wrong time.
Actress Dia Mirza, instead of condemning she tweets saying amaranth was discovered in 1850 by Muslim when Amarnath existed from 5000+ years, do no in which history book she studied this.

Maybe in leftist anti-Hindu history books

Instead of showing concern for the deceased and condemning the barbaric attack Dia Mirza tried to sympathize with the Muslim community to control the damage. Twitterati reverted with angry replies and slammed her for her shameful tweet.

Have a look at the reactions below:

Nobody actually understood the reason why Dia Mirza tweeted this and her intention behind explaining the history of Amarnath. Also, history says something different on the origin of this Hindu shrine.

However, a Twitter user with real knowledge of history responding to Dia Mirza

Shown below, are two excerpts from this British traveller’s personal account:

TrueIndology, pointed out – “Kashmir Jihadis often use this myth to claim that Amarnath Yatra is of recent origin and should be stopped Secularists playing to their tune”

Firstly, it is a fact that the concept of “Religion” is created by humans and not by God. People fight in the name of religion without realizing that its’ wrong. Folks spread peace, not hate.

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