Detailed Demands of TSRTC and Reasons for the Strike in Telangana State


TSRTC Stands for Telangana State Road Transport Corporation. Its Headquarters is located in the Hyderabad. There is a strike called by the employees and the unions of TSRTC. Over the years TSRTC is facing a financial crisis and is demanding Telangana Government solve their issues. TSRTC Employees have elected a joint action committee to represent themselves to meet the Telangana Government. TSRTC Employees have called for a strike and issued a strike notice last month. However, there is no response from the Government of Telangana till last week. Telangana Government has made a group of IAS Officers to meet and discuss TSRTC’s long pending issues. However, there is no proper deadline and detailed discussion with the IAS Officers. Since the TSRTC’S Joint Action Committee and Employees felt that their issues will not be solved so they decided not to work until TSRTC’s Demand are met. Let’s look at their demands.

Demands of TSRTC Joint Action Committee :

  1. TSRTC should be merged in state government.
  2. 2. State government should take necessary measures to safeguard TSRTC. It should clear reimbursement dues to TSRTC. Dues should be cleared in time from now on.
  3. 3. 1% of the state government’s budget should be allocated to TSRTC. Losses from rural services should be covered by the state government the same way i is doing for metro, by allocating the viability gap fund. Allocations made in the budget should be released immediately. Pursuant to the amendments made in the act (much act probably), TSRTC should be paid its dues.
  4. 4. State governments must bear the burden of increasing the cost of diesel. MV Tax should be abolished and TSRTC should be exempted from other taxes given it is providing essential service to the general public.
  5. Ensure Job security for drivers and conductors.
  6. Salary hike due from 01-04-2017 should be given immediately.
  7. Vacancies in all categories must be filled.
  8. CCS, PF, SRBS, SBT dues must be paid with interest.
  9. Kin of deceased employees should be given jobs. Supervisor level jobs should be given if candidates have the requisite qualifications.
  10. Retired employees should be paid their settlement and salary for the period o Sakala janula samme.
  11. Interstate/Zone/Region transfers must be done as a one time measure.
  12. Women employees must be given childcare holidays like their counterparts in state government.
  13. Medical unfit and color blind crew should be given alternate employment. Exemption taken from the government to not do so should be taken back.
  14. Retired employees must be given white ration cards, aarogyasri card, and aasara pension.
  15. Old buses should be scrapped. Hired buses should be removed. New buses should be purchased.
  16. FAME II scheme should be modified to let TSRTC receive the incentive and purchase buses.
  17. Tarnaka hospital should be developed as a super specialty hospital. Medicines should be supplied along with healthcare. Parents of employees should be given access to the super-specialty hospital.
  18. Duties should be according to the MTW act. Double wages to be paid for double duty.
  19. Remaining contract and casual employees should be regularised along with those in paramedical and civil engineering departments.
  20. Leave encashment and DA arrears should be paid. Uniforms must be supplied.
  21. Buses should be operated according to an interstate agreement. Illicit operations should be curbed.
  22. TSRTC should be allowed to undertake goods, parcel and courier business.
  23. Supervisor positions should be reviewed based on staff ratio and openings must be filled.
  24. Reduce workload on garriage staff. Remove outsourcing in garriage and all other departments.
  25. Women conductors working in Hyderabad should be given duties that end before 9 pm.
  26. Employees working in regulation 30 should be regularised from the date of their joining.

This is the Demand of TSRTC Employees. Let’s hope this issue will be solved soon.