Delhi headed for record voter turnout


Fifty per cent of nearly 1.33 crore voters exercised their mandate till 3 PM,is an indication that Delhi elections are headed for a record voter turnout.

Moderate to brisk polling confused the polling pundits in making their statistics more accurate. While in morning, AAP voters have completely outclassed the BJP supporters by casting vote in huge numbers, the middle class took time to step out of their houses.Delhi headed for record voter turnout

AAP and BJP are in a close competition and voting percentage can decide their fate. Most of the opinion polls had predicted majority for Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP.

However, BJP would love to see higher voter percentage as they know it will boost their chances. We have seen in the past that the vocal BJP supporters fail to reach to the voting centers on time as casting ballot is not on their priority list. But AAP voters -the autowallas, slum dwellers, rickshawallas, believe this is the only way to show their might and never refrain themselves from voting and also motivate others to join them.

BJP has higher stakes as the Delhi elections are also being billed as a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.