Caught On Camera: Dangerous Feats On Metro Train Will Shock You

AP2TG Staff

Youngsters performing deadly stunts in Mumbai metro trains is not  the first time to hear. As we all know Mumbai metro trains are full of rush and everyone are busy with their works. Here is the deadly stunt which caught on camera in Mumbai metro train.

A video of a young man performing extremely dangerous stunts on a moving suburban train, which was recently posted online and has since gone viral, has drawn strong criticism from both railways as well as activists. Watch the deadly stunt from the video below.

Deadly train feats on mumbai train

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Watch Complete Video Here:

Chief public relations officer, Western Railways, said, “It is a dangerous and an insane act of rashness, which nobody should replicate. Nobody should praise or sensationalize the clip.”

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Section 156 of the Railway Act can be invoked against a commuter travelling dangerously. The Act specifies that an accused can be fined Rs 500 or sent to prison for three months, or both.

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