Court Orders Mallika Sharawat to ‘Apologize’ for Insulting National Flag


For being insulting and dishonoring the national flag a petition was filed against Mallika Sherawat in Mumbai high court. As Mallika was draped a tricolor around her body in the movie ‘Dirty Politics’, a lawyer filed a petition against her in the month of September 2014. After investigating the case, the court ordered Mallika to give written statement of apology within a week.

Court Orders Mallika Sharawat to 'Apologize' for Insulting National Flag

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A poster of Mallika sitting atop an ambassador car with the Tricolor draped around her in the movie Dirty Politics.The background of the poster features the State Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan. Mallika Sherawat is shown flaunting her toned legs with a CD in her hand. This was argued by all the people as the national flag was been insulted especially from the state of Rajasthan. Also people said that using of national flag for business purpose is regarded as an insult for country’s respect.

The movie Dirty politics is directed by K.C. Bokadia. The main features are Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and Atul Kulkarni.

Last year, the actress Mallika Sherawat promoted ‘Dirty Politics’ at the Cannes Film Festival.