Cops Arrested 330 Youngsters for Participating in Bike Racing


Now a days bike racing has became fashion and parents are not controlling their children in these actions. Although the cops are taking actions towards the racers again there was an incident took place in Hyderabad and Cyberabad.

Hyderabad and Cyberabad police caught 330 youngsters including minors and students for participating in bike racing. The cops seized 65 bikes on Sunday 5th July 2015.

Cops Arrested 330 Lads for Participating in Bike Racing
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In Cyberabad, Osman sagar Lake police received information regarding bike race on Osmannagar bund, Gandipet. The police went to the spot and arrested 31 racers and 13 bikes were seized.In these 21 were minors whereas only two of them had driving license.The cases were registered on racers and on their parents. Also the cases were filed for the owners of vehicles who gave vehicles to minors and who don’t have driving license under MV act.

On the other hand in Hyderabad Ramgopalpet police on Necklace road accused 300 youngsters including minors and students for involving in bike racing .In this police seized 50 bikes.

Immediately, Parents of the racers were by the Police and counselled at Narsingi police station.

The Inspector form Narsingi Polici Station warned the Youngsters as: “We got an alert that some youngsters were conducting bike racing. Special teams including Lake police conducted raids and detained the youngsters. We have seized 50 bikes. We summoned the parents of the youngsters at the police station and provided counselling. If the youngsters were caught involved in similar offence next time, we will not hesitate to register cases.’’