Copper Bracelet Turning Your Skin Green Is The Indication Of Good Health

AP2TG Staff

Just like Gold and silver, copper is one of the most proclaimed metals that is worn as an ornament. For centuries, people all over the world have sworn by wearing all sorts of copper jewellery. Copper bracelets are the most common, and are affordable, easy to size to your wrist, and can be worn by both men and women.

But, there’s one common question from every person: “Why is my copper bracelet turning my skin green?”

Coming to the answer, first of all, stop worrying, if your copper bracelet is turning your skin green, you are probably not allergic to the copper, and your bracelet is probably not “cheap”. It is common and natural for copper bracelets to cause a green ‘stain’ on the skin. This is true whether the bracelet is made from the copper mixed with another metal or pure copper.

Technically, Copper is a natural element found in the earth, it reacts with other things found in nature. One of those things is your own body chemistry. When copper comes in contact with your skin and sweat, it forms green deposits called chelates. Your skin absorbs the chelates, causing the green stain; many people believe that their skin is absorbed by the copper.

Despite these out speakable consequences, copper has its tremendous benefits when wrapped around our skin which includes the functioning of legitimate osmosis. It’s additionally been guaranteed that cerebral pains, joint inflammation, joint torment, and zinc insufficiency can be successfully treated with the guide of copper or metal adornments.