You Will Be Shocked After Knowing Code Language of ISIS Terrorists

AP2TG Staff

Recent arrests of Hyderabad-based youths by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with their links to the Islamic State. The NIA, on Wednesday, took 11 persons into custody after identifying them as Islamic State operatives.

NIA officers interrogated the terrorists and they got very valuable and strange information. The terrorists are used to communicate with a code language. You will be shocked if you know the code language of ISIS terrorists. Watch the video below to know the words used in code language.


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Watch Terrorists Code Language Here:

The terrorists made a master plan to plant bombs in areas such as shopping malls, IT corridors, police stations and religious centres. Several low-intensity explosives, detonators, wires, batteries and hydrogen peroxide and other material that can be assembled into IEDs.

They used code language to communicate in medical terminology. NIA traced and arrested them after observing 2 months. They used to contact each other through social media networks. In their codes like Dawa, Injection, and Tablets to communicate their tasks. Earlier in Dilsukhnagar bomb blast they used the following codes.

  • CD – Pistol
  • DVD – AK47
  • American girls – Bombs
  • Bada Mall – AK47
  • I want to marry u – I want a pistol

ISIS modules being set up in India is more dangerous than some youth wanting to travel to Syria.

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