After Forming Anti-Romeo Squads, CM Yogi Now Targeted State Officials, Said ‘Work 18 To 20 Hours Daily Or Leave’

AP2TG Staff

After rising to power in Uttar Pradesh, BJP elected Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of the state has taken some quick decisions and ensured that the decisions are implemented on the ground level as well.

Lucknow: UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath arrives for a cabinet meeting at Lok Bhawan in Lucknow on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Nand kumar (PTI3_22_2017_000220A)

Two of the big decisions that he took were banning illegal slaughter houses and forming anti-Romeo squads to stop eve-teasing and provide protection to the women. Even more, interestingly, he didn’t fail to ensure that his decisions were implemented too.

But, these new decisions invited mixed reactions on social media. While some are very supportive, some can’t stop slamming the party.

However, there have been some cases of couple’s harassment which made headlines resulting in embarrassment for the new government. There is a little anger in the public due to these instances; nevertheless, nobody doubts the intention behind the decisions taken by the CM.

But with this new step, he seems to have gone too far!

Yes, Yogi did something which might trouble his state officials. On Sunday, he conveyed a strict message to the officials that all those who have an objection in working for 18-20 hours daily can leave their jobs.

He said this during a BJP meeting in his home constituency, Gorakhpur,

“The state government will not tolerate any laxity in implementation of the government schemes. Officers who are willing to work 18-20 hours daily can continue with the government or else they are free to leave.”

Yogi Adityanath visited Gorakhpur for the first time after becoming the CM.

He said,

“I am a workaholic and the bureaucrats will have to deliver too. Those who are ready to work hard should continue and non-performers should leave.”

He had a message for his ministers, “Work with humility and do not flaunt position.”

In this BJP meeting at Beniganj area, not only MPs and MLAs of the party but some senior leaders and officials were also present. The CM reiterated that the first priority of his government would be to fulfill the promises made to the public by the party.

Yogi emphasized that the UP government and party should work in coordination. In his words, “Workers should ensure that benefits of the government schemes reach the have-nots and the last man.”

However, without any delay, he also cleared that there should not be undue interference from the party and leaders in the working of the government and power and position should not be used for getting contracts. He said,

“Only two years are left for the Lok Sabha elections and party workers should start preparations for it. If they find any discrepancy in the functioning of the state government they should inform me.”

The CM has also made an announcement regarding the financial help that will be provided for the marriage of girls from poor households. Additionally, enough jobs will be created so that youngsters won’t need to go out of the state for earning their livelihood.

After getting a grand welcome at the BJP office in Gorakhpur, Yogi has stated that the responsibility of party and its workers has increased manifold as the public has given a huge mandate to the party.

As an indication towards the quick decisions taken by his government, such as a ban on illegal slaughter houses and anti-Romeo squad, he said that “historical” decisions were taken by the government as soon as it came into power.

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