Is Puri OUT Vinayak IN For Chiru’s 150th Film?


Breaking news for Chiranjeevi fans, everyone is waiting for Chiru’s 150th film to start. Few days back, the reports said that 150th film of Chiranjeevi is going to be directed by Puri Jagannath. And the movie is produced by Ram Charan. Even Puri tweeted that he wrote the script especially for Chiranjeevi and got the nod from him. Here is shocking news for all the fans of Chiranjeevi. Now the rumors are being spread that the director of the film is VV Vinayak. There is rumor that the script of Puri was disliked by Chiranjeevi and loking for the other.

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who is director for chiru's 150th film

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Meanwhile, VV Vinayak and writer Chinni Krishna has approached Chiranjeevi and the story said by Chinni Krishna was accepted by him. With this rumors are spread that Vinayak replaced Puri. Chinni Krishna has already teamed with Chiru in writing Indra Story. And Vinayak also worked with Chiru in Tagore movie. So this could be a very good combination for Chiru’s 150th film. There is no any type of reports that the news is officially confirmed.

But as of now, there is no any kind of official announcement about Puri’s exit and Vinayak’s entry. It would take few days for announcing the fact of the movie. Now both the directors are busy with films, Puri with Varun Tej and Vinayak with Akhil. We have to wait and see who is finalized to direct Chiru’s 150th movie. These are all only rumors but at last the decision should come from Chiranjeevi itself.