These Shocking Confessions By A Cheerleader Revealing The Salaries And Dark Sides Of IPL Will Shock You

AP2TG Staff

Lights, music, commentaries in loud voices, and the everlasting energy that is sufficiently found in the stadiums depict the grandeur the IPL carries throughout the season. To paint the screens with beauty and elegance, the wide smiles and dances by the cheerleaders add colors to the event.

However, behind all these bright faces, there is a shady angle that unleashes the darkest sides of the IPL. Acting as one of the glamor ingredients during the match, the cheer girls, unfortunately, has to face the adverse consequences off the field.

Now, when it comes to thinking about their salaries, is there any number scrolling on your minds? The life of cheerleaders is not as good as we can expect as that of the players and other staff. Practically speaking, they’re all treated like the sex objects featured in between the crowds.

But this idea of roping in cheerleaders is not an Indian one, this is more a western tradition, professionally, they are a vital part of the popular sports in the USA such as baseball, basketball, American Football and much more. Since T20 cricket originated in England, the think-tank of ECB wanted to spice up the gentleman’s game with a flavor from the West and infuse something new into the future of the game.

And when India has come up with the idea of IPL, many new adverts are added to cheer up the people, in that process, Vijay Mallya and his Royal Challengers franchise in an attempt to propagandise their set-up, promoted their scantily clothed cheerleaders from a top-notch American football team to lure in the crowds in the stadium and increase the TRP of the broadcasters during the matches.

It is well known how people in the field acknowledge the cheerleaders as. They are more treated as the sex-objects which are transparently visible on the faces of the sex-starving audiences in the stands.

In various, occasions, the cheerleaders have made allegations about poor accommodation, meager salaries, and rampant racism. reports claim that an average female cheerleader is paid USD $ 100 for every match, whereby the players are paid in millions.

Opening up about the further subjects, a cheerleader who preferred to stay anonymous took on to Reddit and went revealing some shocking things about their lifestyle.

Here’s her detailed confession:

She named certain people as slime-balls and went saying “For the most part I can’t hear them. The music is loud enough and the accents are thick enough I’m mostly oblivious to the words. This doesn’t mean I can’t tell that there are some obvious slimeballs behind me. I try my best to ignore them. And I’ve made a personal rule for myself not to take pictures with fans unless they’re women or children. I’m not keen on becoming someone’s fap bait for the night.”

Detailing her experiences, she went describing the accommodations provided by the management. “Conditions aren’t the best. If I were back in the U.S. I’d be shocked at the state of our toilets, changing rooms, and on occasions our hotel rooms,” she wrote.

She further made a shocking revelation about the cheerleaders being forced to put up in a room infested with cockroaches and rats in the wake of abject corruption which has already plagued the country.“The first two games they were more like 1-star hotels. Cockroaches, I saw a rat and rat droppings, it was pretty bad. But we quickly spoke up and realized our manager for that trip had been skimping us and pocketing the money he was saving on a cheaper hotel. Now they’re more like 3-star. Perfectly comfortable but not over the top.”

She claims that there are many people who make kissy faces and take pictures while they perform but she tries to keep a blank look and focus on her work. “I put a blank stare on for the most part when I’m facing the crowd. There’s just so many nasty men making kissy faces and taking my picture that I tend to just block it all out. Often I’ll lock eyes with some nice people that are smiling and those are the people I’ll focus on for most of the game. So I haven’t really seen many funny things. If someone genuinely made me laugh though, that would be a welcome thing,” expressed the anonymous cheerleader.

“I am a feminist, and I admit that I am bothered. When I danced and cheered in the U.S. I felt less like that. If you were to watch female dancers on Broadway, regardless of their outfit, you probably wouldn’t call them a sexual object. You’d call them a dancer. I went into this contract as a dancer, finding that I’m treated more as a sex object,” augmented the victimized dancer.

Needless to say, she had second thoughts about renewing her contract. “I try to be forgiving of human nature so I’m rolling with the punches. I also enjoy what I do regardless. But I wouldn’t renew this contract for another year unless things changed,” she added.

Just before signing off she made a valid point about rampant racism prevalent in her business. “I hate the racism. Why is my team made up of 99% white girls? Why do Indians feel it’s ok to dress white girls up in skimpy outfits but they won’t let their fellow Indian women do it? It’s messed up.”

Summarizing the thread she left on Reddit., one thing is very clear, she has left some things that must be analyzed, one has to question themselves about the kind of impression our citizens are leaving in front of young women from around the world. Placing a barrage of security is not the answer but changing the mindset is.

India is already defamed for its atrocities against females in the country. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned to for more updates and live news!